Results 2014

"Titus Award" First Place Male

Joey Zeinner 19:23

2nd Place: Charlie Jordan, 22:04
3rd Place: Andrew Kiddy, 23:09

“Kahara Award”  First Place Female

Beth Bauer 24:29

2nd Place: Kim Ogle, 26:14
3rd Place: Alex Keddie, 26:23
“Safari Award” Furthest Traveled
Stephanie Zina
Abington, MA 742 miles

“Kirungi Award" Senior Gorilla

Donna Mancini
80 years young

First kid to cross the finish line on wheels

Kelton King 18:41

First to cross the finish line on wheels

Ryan Cady 16:27

 "Kwintoda Award" Most Creative Individual

Columbus Firefighter

 "Kwintoda Award" Most Creative Group


“Bahati Award" Highest Fundraising

Brady Delaney $1,183

“Susa Award” Largest Group Team

Brady's Bunch
44 Team Members

"Bahati Award" Highest Fundraising Team

Gorilla Glue $6,810

Congrats to the Little Gorillas who won the 1K Kid's Fun Run!

Age 4 to 6: Nora Katz

Age 7 to 9: Brandon Bezold

Age 10 to 12: Kylie Wolever